A Time to Support Local Restaurants

Speaking in the latest edition of The Caterer magazine;

Steve Cook, director of Walter Rose & Son, believes quality products with proven meat provenance will always sell well …

“I also think that a lot of chefs will have used their time during lockdown proactively and will be delivering new, innovative dishes now hospitality is opening again. It is a truly exciting time to support local restaurants.”

Photocredit: Jane Alice Cook

Proven Provenance Picks Up Pace


Meat and poultry sales increased for us during the Covid-19 pandemic, where there was a huge surge in the demand for home delivery and customers ordering online. With regards to the quality, high-welfare, proven provenance side of the market, trade continues to grow at a steady pace.



Beef sales at Walter Rose & Son have gone through the roof,” says Steve Cook. The business’s showpiece steaks, such as the Stokes Marsh Farm T-bone and the tomahawk, sell well. Any cut with intra-muscular fat will always be popular with chefs and are the tastiest, as the fat melts into the meat and adds flavour and texture. “We have tested the theory and beef on the bone honestly makes a huge difference to the flavour of the meat”. Walter Rose & Son’s meat provenance is clear after working with the same local farms for 40 years.

Walter Rose & Son’s most popular cut is rib-eye steak. Rib-eye on the bone – the show-stopping tomahawk steak – is described by Cook as “caveman-esque” and he sells hundreds every week.

“There is something primeval, carnivorous and theatrical about the American-born tomahawk cut – and it makes for great theatre for outdoor cooking.

Photo credit: Jane Alice Cook