Meat Management & Sustainability

British beef from Walter Rose and Son


Our family business is an award-winning, catering, retail and online butcher. We are recognised for our master butchery skills, craftsmanship and sustainable products. Our limitless knowledge of the butchery trade and attention to detail for every single customer has led us to celebrate a number of prestigious national awards in the meat industry.

Walter Rose and Son takes pride in the consistently superior quality of workmanship and products that we deliver to our customers. Since our inception in 1847, we have worked towards always creating a highly desirable product, by only choosing to work with the most natural and environmentally sustainable suppliers.

We have built close and long-lasting relationships with all of our suppliers and are always seeking ways to improve our sustainability and decrease any impact on the environment. Owing to this winning combination of excellence we have been awarded the following accolades:


At Walter Rose & Son all our meat is sourced from sustainable farms, as we are very conscious that we wish to run our business in perfect symbiosis with the environment.

As a modern business, we constantly strive to find green methods of operation that least impact the environment and protect the planet we live on. This ensures we stay in line with the strictest modern standards of sustainability. We are committed to continually improving our impact on the environment, including using sustainable packaging and employing eco-friendly business practices at our premises.

At our state-of-the-art cutting plant and catering butchers headquarters in Devizes UK, all the heat from the commercial refrigeration system is used to heat water for the entire premises! This reduces our carbon footprint as we can reuse the energy created from this refrigeration for another one of the essential plant processes.

Our fleet of refrigerated delivery vans is all classed as ‘clean diesel’ with the addition of ‘AdBlue’ solution which combines with exhaust emissions. This minimises harmful emissions to the atmosphere, in line with government regulations, further ensuring we impact the environment as little as possible.