At Walter Rose & Son, we source our free-range poultry primarily from James at Creedy Carver in Devon. James and his team are dedicated to producing poultry reared to the highest standards, allowing the birds to grow naturally and slowly on a slow-energy feed regimen.

Our exclusive dry-plucked chickens from Creedy Carver are a customer favorite, renowned for their exceptionally flavorful meat. The distinctive taste of these chickens is so enticing that our valued customers return time and time again to savor its unique flavor profile.

With over 30 years of expertise, Creedy Carver specializes in producing the finest free-range duck and chicken. Their commitment to great flavor and high meat yield has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry. The core philosophy at Creedy Carver remains unchanged: to produce delicious poultry while prioritizing bird welfare and practicing sustainable farming methods.

When you choose poultry from Walter Rose & Son, you’re not only getting exceptional flavor but also supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices championed by suppliers like Creedy Carver.

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