At Walter Rose & Son, we take pride in sourcing the finest lamb from the lush meadows and breathtaking chalk downlands of Wiltshire and Somerset. The Marlborough Downs and Salisbury Plain offer ideal grazing environments, allowing the lambs to thrive and produce meat that is both succulent and exceptional in flavor.

Understanding that lamb is a seasonal delicacy, we ensure year-round availability without compromising on quality. Our strategic sourcing begins in the warmer southern counties and progresses northward with the changing seasons. The majority of our lamb is sourced from Mr. Clothier’s home farm at Stone Easton, near Bath, renowned for its commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Our meticulous sourcing and management enable us to deliver the finest lamb products available in the region at any given time. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, or winter, you can trust Walter Rose & Son to provide lamb of unparalleled quality, ensuring a delectable dining experience every time.

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