Our Meat Provenance


At Walter Rose & Son we ensure that every element of the farm-to-fork process is as sustainable as possible. We believe that a collective approach, from producer to consumer is essential. We always promise to deliver with our pledge of ‘farm to fork’ quality meat. In order to do this we’ve been dealing with the same local farms exclusively, for over forty years. Building long-established relationships allows us to maintain a high standard of superior-quality meat for our customers.

We always aim to get our meat supplied by the most natural and environmentally conscious businesses. We strive to deliver the finest quality product with an absolute minimal environmental impact. As a result, we only source the best meat and products. You won’t find anything cheap or low quality in our business!

We have created a short guide to indicate who our suppliers are, where they are located and how they raise their animals in the most natural and sustainable methods possible, whilst also aiming to reduce their environmental impact.


At Walter Rose & Son we select heifers for their smaller size and consistent quality, through breed, age, weight and grade, always working to guarantee that your steak is the same superb quality, time and again.

We work with local farmer Tim Johnson at Stokes Marsh Farm in nearby Coulston, Wiltshire. Tim supplies most of our beef from his outstanding Aberdeen Angus & Hereford crossed herds. Tim prides himself on giving his cattle the best possible quality of life, everything that the cattle eat throughout their entire life is grown on the farm. Stokes Marsh Farm is working towards being completely sustainable, all organic waste is quickly turned into natural fertiliser and the energy released, turned into electricity to power the farm.


We are supplied by the farmers Cameron and Muriel Naughton of West End Farm, Bishops Cannings, located in Wiltshire. We work together with this supplier to produce pigs of the highest quality. This farm rears Hampshire Boar with Landrace/Duroc Sow, and the result is a pig, which we consider to be the perfect ratio of fat to lean meat.

The Naughtons offer premium quality and consistency in their pork, breeding animals that live a stress-free life with a balanced diet. They devote special attention to marbling, depth of fat and crackling in their pork. This ensures Walter Rose can consistently supply truly exceptional pork.


The majority of the lamb supplied to Walter Rose & Son, is raised on the Wilshire and Somerset meadows and breathtaking chalk downlands. The Marlborough Downs and Salisbury Plain are two of the finest pastures for lamb to graze happily and produce the most succulent and spectacular meat. 

As lamb is seasonal, we guarantee year-round quality by sourcing further afield, starting in the warm southern counties and progressing north with the season. The majority of our lamb comes from Mr Clothier’s home farm at Stone Easton, near Bath. Thanks to our careful sourcing and management we are able to provide and deliver the best lamb products regionally available at any time of the year.


At Walter Rose, we aim to provide poultry that is exceptional in every way. We consider maturity, finish and flavour when selecting only the finest poultry for our customers. Whether it is chicken, duck or turkey, every piece of poultry at Walter Rose & Son comes from farmers who strive to take the same level of care as we do.

James from Creedy Carver, in Devon, supplies most of our free-range poultry. They produce birds that are reared to the highest standards possible, which allows them to grow naturally and slowly, using a slow energy feed. Dry plucked chickens exclusively for Walter Rose have the most flavoursome meat with a taste that keeps our valued customers coming back for more time and time again.

What Our Farmers Have To Say

See what our exclusive farmers have to say about their exceptional produce and how they strive to ensure we can both create a future of consistently exceptional quality meat products, whilst also being kind to the environment.

“My cattle live outside for their entire life, they only come inside in the bad weather. We are in the process of phasing-out fertilizer for 2019 which is a great move by us to become an even more sustainable farm. I hate waste and wholeheartedly welcome any move to join together and minimise waste for the greater good.”

Tim Johnson, Stoke’s Marsh Farm

“All the ‘good stuff’ from the back end of the pig goes back out onto the land, reducing the need for chemical fertiliser. I am delighted that Walter Rose has recently joined the Sustainable Restaurant Association as we work our utmost with our crops, paddock rotation and animal welfare, across our 720-acre farm to be as sustainable as we possibly can.”

Cameron Naughton, Bishops Cannings Farm

‘Unfortunately these days people regard chicken as a ‘cheaper meat’ and often aren’t prepared to pay a fair price for a bird that will knock their socks off. Creedy Carver produces fantastic free-range chickens and dry pluck them exclusively for Walter Rose & Son. Dry Plucking ensures a lovely, crisp, flavoursome skin and does the bird the justice it deserves. The modern and sadly more commonly used method of ‘wet plucking’ shortens the shelf life of the bird, damages the quality of the skin ruining the hard work that the farmer has put in when rearing the bird in the first place all in the name of saving a few quid!

Jack Cook, Walter Rose & Son Ltd