Rib of beef (Boned & Rolled)


Celebrated as the king of roasts, our rib of beef is meticulously boned and rolled, ensuring a perfect roast every time. This cut is renowned for its generous marbling and ample fat, which not only make it forgiving in the cooking process but also imbue it with incredible flavour and juiciness. It’s a cut that simply exudes ‘class’, transforming any meal into an occasion. Whether you’re aiming for a classic Sunday roast or a festive centrepiece, the rib of beef stands unmatched in its ability to deliver a deeply satisfying culinary experience. With its robust taste and tender texture, it’s truly a delight for meat lovers and a testament to the art of butchery.

  • 1kg Beef Rib – Feeds 4
  • 1.5kg Beef Rib – Feeds 4-6
  • 2kg Beef Rib – Feeds 8-10
  • 2.5kg Beef Rib – Feeds 10- 12
  • 3kg Beef Rib – Feeds 12-15
  • 5kg Beef Rib  – Feeds 20+
Purchase this item and get 30-147 Loyalty Points
Purchase this item and get 30-147 Loyalty Points

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