Cameron Naughton and his wife Muriel are supplier of all our pork and have been for 30+ years. Their family were pioneers of pig farming in the 20th century as they were the first to take the hard work of rearing pigs to the highest level oF welfare on a commercial scale. Recently judged to be National Pig producers of the year, we are so proud and lucky to have these guys right on our doorstep – Cameron and Muriel farm at West End Farm, Bishops Cannings which is only 1 mile away from our shop!!!

Award winning Farming 

Pork, in our opinion is one of the most underrated meats out there, mainly because there is so much poor-quality pork on the market. Our pigs are a cross breed between a Hampshire Boar (Father) along with a Landrace x Duroc sow (Mother) which gives a pig that is perfectly suited to living on the Marlborough downs with the lack of shelter from the sun, wind and rain! The duroc offers a great yield of meat, whereas the landrace gives the pork a wonderful ‘marbling of fat’, which is where the fantastic flavour and juiciness of the meat comes from.

Muriel Naughton, who supplies us alongside her husband Cameron with what we regard as the best pork on the planet narrowly missed out on being crowned the champion of sustainability in farming award this year, as voted by The National Women in Agriculture Awards. Muriel was voted as runner up, which cements our pride in working with suppliers such as the Naughtons.

West End Farm supply us with all our pork and are pioneers in commercial pig farming, having more or less invented the practice of farming pigs on a larger scale but maintaining the highest level of welfare and animal husbandry which in turn produced what we believe to be the finest pork in the world!  The Naughtons offer premium quality and consistency in their pork, breeding animals that live a stress-free life with a balanced diet. They devote special attention to marbling, depth of fat and crackling in their pork. This ensures Walter Rose can consistently supply truly exceptional pork.

Huge congratulations Muriel!

You can see for yourself how the Naughtons farm and take great care of their animals (pigs, lambs and chickens) by visiting the ‘piggery farm shop’ at West end farm, Bishop Cannings,

Grab yourself a Coffee, a sausage roll and even some sausages made in house here at Walter Rose.