Pork Spare Rib/Shoulder (Boned & Rolled)


This exquisite cut is the pinnacle of pork flavours, perfectly prepared for roasting or low-and-slow cooking. With an abundance of marbled fat, it stands out as the most flavoursome and juicy pork cut available. The meticulous boning and rolling process ensures it cooks evenly, while the fat renders down, infusing the meat with unparalleled moisture and taste. Ideal for those who appreciate the deep, rich flavours of pork, this cut promises a succulent and aromatic feast, making it a superb choice for any occasion that calls for a truly exceptional meal.

  • 1kg Spare Rib – Feeds 4
  • 1.5kg Spare Rib – Feeds 4-6
  • 2kg Spare Rib – Feeds 8-10
  • 2.5kg Spare Rib – Feeds 10-12
  • 3kg Spare Rib – Feeds 12-15
Purchase this item and get 18-54 Loyalty Points
Purchase this item and get 18-54 Loyalty Points
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