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Make your summer ‘sizzle’ with our fantastic BBQ range!

BBQ season is well and truly upon us and as the temperatures rise and the evenings get longer, what better than to gather friends in the garden for a celebration of summertime?!

Our BBQ meat packs consisting of six sausages, four burgers, four kofte kebabs and four marinated pork steaks are perfect for a spontaneous decision to cook and eat al fresco and are available in our Devizes shop or online, as is our entire range.

Have it your way: You can either allow us to make recommendations based on your individual tastes and occasions requirements or hand-pick the ultimate meat feast available in shop and online.

Our handmade sausages are a huge hit for summer, with seventeen delicious varieties, your summer grilling event will be sure sizzle and go with a banger!


Why not ‘pick and mix’ from our impressive range and ‘wow’ your guests with your own hand-picked selection?!

Saxon splendour has always been our biggest seller as a top quality locally-sourced traditional ‘Norton’s Farm’ pork sausage, while pork and leak and wild boar continue as long-standing favourites. Our spicy ‘Dragon Sausages’ also appeal to those who like things a little hotter, at just £12.08 per kilo they will add a spicy kick to any BBQ!

Our lamb Merguez sausage is also fantastic served with rice and salad for that perfect summer plate!


Stokes Marsh Farm Steaks – Are a real treat and hugely popular with local meat connoisseurs who know the Johnson’s family farm, just a few miles down the road. Perfect for smaller, intimate groups where spending a little bit extra isn’t going to hurt the purse strings too much. A medium-cooked sirloin from the BBQ is a firm favourite for meat lovers.

Chicken Breast Skewers – We are a nation of chicken lovers and chicken kebab skewers are another firm favourite on BBQ days. You can also make your own chicken skewers with some fresh fillets, chopped peppers and sticks. Chicken skewers can be cooked in the oven and finished off on the BBQ grill for that nice char-grilled finish.


Other sumptuous kebabs in our range are steak and chilli, lamb and halloumi and chicken and chorizo, all perfectly-seasoned and handmade in our Devizes shop kitchen.

BBQ Pork Ribs – Meat cooked on the bone is packed with flavour and pork ribs smothered in our secret marinade are incredibly succulent and tasty. These are best slow-cooked and finished off on the BBQ, so they take a bit more work than ‘burgers and bangers’ but worth the extra love. At just £8.58 per kilo, these are a finger-licking crowd-pleaser and represent great value for money!

Gluten Free Sausages – Food intolerances have become increasingly common. It’s good to have a solution for those who want to enjoy a BBQ but without the uncomfortable after-effects of eating products that have traces of wheat gluten. Our gluten free sausages are packed with flavour and at just £10.98 per kilo a tasty solution to keep everyone happy!

Choose from our fabulous range of burgers: 4oz beef, Hodd and traditional ‘Star’ burgers as well as the delicious combos of lamb & mint and wild boar & chorizo, there’s something for everyone and all hand-pressed to perfection in our on-site production facility.

And Finally….

We sell a fantastic range of condiments and rubs as well as the famous Oxford Charcoal to compliment your meaty feast – Just let us know if you would like to add these finishing touches to your order.


Please call us in the shop on 01380 7722335 to discuss your individual requirements or shop online here.