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Get your Creamy Guernsey Cow Goodness On-Tap in our Shop!

Yes - You buy a glass bottle for £3.00 and fill it up with a pint at just 77p, You can also bring your own bottle if you know its capacity!


We were delighted to be featured in The Sunday Telegraph newspaper last week by renowned food writer Zanthe Clay with a feature on the increasing popularity of milk.

Zanthe cited a study from Havard University suggesting that children who are given full-fat milk at 40 per cent less likely to be obese, further reinforcing that milk is good for children and a richer protein source than plant-based alternatives.

Now you too can inject some joy to your breakfast in buying some of the best milk you will ever taste from Guernsey Cows – Enjoy its cream top tumbling onto your cornflakes.

At just 77p per 500ml bottle, you can add some golden happiness to your life knowing that the farmer has set the price for the milk and the cows have leading a lovely life in green Wiltshire pastures!

Organic milk has huge health benefits as organic dairy farmers do not use pesticides or fertilisers and are heavily restricted on their use of cattle hormones and antibiotics.

Berkley Farm uses traditional methods of milk processing which focus on taste rather than convenience.

Berkley Farm pasteurises its milk but does not homogenise like most dairies. Homogenisation breaks down the milk fats which affects the taste and increased fat absorption.

Organic pasteurised milk is better for your health: Fact.

This milk contains A2 proteins rather than A1, which means that there is less risk of milk intolerances.

Guernsey cows are a traditional breed and we believe their milk to be the best tasting due to its high butterfat and rich and creamy texture.

Guernsey milk has a lovely golden colour that distinguishes it from milk from more conventional breeds.

Berkley Farm milk is now available in our shop in reusable glass milk bottles which customers can keep and refill.

We invite our customers to buy the dishwasher-safe bottle for £3.00 and then bring it back each time they require a refill.